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Okay so listen … No one likes the smell of body odours … Especially when you’re on the tube or on the bus … Well anywhere actually haha!

The smell of really bad body odour really does turn my stomach and the thing is there is so much out there these days … Why does this happen? Get some deodorant!

malegroomingguide.info niche for men

Well anyways today I thought I would give you a little review on the niche for men’s body wipes.

Basically this wipe is a deodorising wipe for the face and body.

Don’t get me wrong when I first used it the thought of putting deodorant on my face did not seem appealing at all.

malegroomingguide.info niche for men 2

But I have grown to love these little handy wipes.

If you cycle, work on a building site … I.e. me yes at the moment I am working on a building site … And no I am not a builder haha ! Well these are extremely handy for when you need to rush off out after work … Or when you just fancy a freshening up.

They leave you feeling extremely fresh and as you can tell the wipe is a lot bigger than normal wipes and they smell really fresh which is definitely an added bonus !

malegroomingguide.info niche for men cleansing cloth 2

They smell a lot better than baby wipes and they tend to clean a lot better than baby wipes.

I now have a small collection of them in every bag! You never know when you are going to need them!

malegroomingguide.info niche for men cleansing cloth

And another nice added touch is that they smell really nice! Definitely an added bonus right there!

So just make sure if you are going to be wiping or freshening up as we call it in London Do it in style with the niche for men deodorising body wipes.

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