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See when I speak to some of my friends, the majority of them do not use an eye cream, and I am sure a lot of reading this have thought, “hmmm I am not old enough yet for an eye cream” well if this is the case I would suggest you run down to your local store and start piling that stuff on.

The skin around the eye area is completely different to the rest of the face, Its a lot more thinner gets dryer a lot easier and has fewer oils, so that area of the skin needs a lot more moisturising then the rest of your face and the cream you are using on your face will not be rich enough for your eyes.

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Eye creams when used long term can really help treat against wrinkles.

When you’re happy and you’re smiling it does cause the skin to crease which then leads to wrinkles, or shall I say CROWS FEET…. But you can help yourself by getting yourself an eye cream.

Yes we can never eliminate the ageing process but when it comes to lines on the face you can help yourself by not making them so prominent, if you do start using an eye cream say in your mid twenties the lines you will get will be a lot less prominent than say someone that has never used an eye cream in their life.

Talking from experience I have always used an eye cream since I was probably the age of 18 and I meet people these days that are younger than me, but I have a better complexion when it comes to wrinkles under the eyes.

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I religiously apply my eye creams and that is the one product I would have with me if I got trapped on a desert island.
So go and treat yourself, get a good eye cream.

When applying
Use your ring fingertip to apply, and pat a few dots of eye cream from the outer corner of your eye to right below your tear duct. Then, gently rub it into your skin using gentle inward sweeping motions, again only using your ring finger

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