Bio-Oil Acne treatment Review

So I thought I would post something today regarding bio oil,

I am actually quite upset that I have only just thought about posting this now and not earlier before the treatment started, so I could show you the before and after pictures.

But I thought well I shall share my experience with it anyway.

So basically my partner was born with baby acne, and has had acne scars on his face for the majority of his life.

Not major scars but they are noticeable to the eye, they look a bit like indented freckles.

He is now 30 + and they are still there.

Well about a month ago we was having a conversation regarding acne treatment and long term treatment and I recommended to him Bio oil as I have herd its very good with scars etc.

Well I ended up going out and buying him some, he’s the complete opposite to me, I like my creams, and he is rather basic shall we say, and he is happy with just a normal face moisturiser, I like different creams for different things…. Honestly you should see the bathroom… it looks a bit like a shrine of creams …as he Says!

Anyway so I did nag him a bit at first to use it at least twice a day, but we came to an agreement of at least once a day, so he uses it once a day of an evening.

And since using it the indents/ pores have really reduced.

The skin does look a lot more firm and the scars are disappearing.

Some of the indents also do look like they are levelling themselves out on the skin surface, which is amazing results considering he has only been using this product for roughly just a month.

Especially with acne scars, a lot of people suffer with them badly and it can really affect a person’s self-confidence.

So I think for something so amazing to happen within such a short time on something that can change how someone feels about themselves is very impressive.

So whether you have big scars or small acne scars its worth giving it a try, just give it some time.

And it’s cheap and available in most stores in the UK.

A bottle will usually cost £9.00

I will give you another update in a month.

Website for Bio-oil click here

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