Bodhi and Birch Review

So I’ve had the privilege a couple of times to try the Bodhi and birch products, including their amazing Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub which won an award on the male Grooming Guide awards 2015.

And since then I have been hooked, I have also tried a couple of their body washes and I can say there is nothing out there that compares to their products.

But I have never done an article on Bodhi and birch so I thought I would do one.

So for the past month and a bit I have been trying a few of their products, which again I have fallen in love with.

And definitely worth adding into your grooming regime.


One thing that really does capture me with Bodhi and birch is the smell of there products all there products are infused with potent levels of precious essential oils and active botanicals to rejuvenate skin and enhance well-being.

These products are amazing at making luxury feel luxurious from the packaging down to the ingredients you can really tell that so much effort has gone into every single detail, and I can tell you that you wont be disappointed!

So the first Product is now a new favorite and that is the Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil and before I start can I just say as to how shocked I am as to how amazing this product has been for my skin.

edited oil

So being a beauty / grooming blogger I try loads of different products and sometimes it can lead me to having combination skin, what I mean by that is basically oily patches with dry patches…. This could also be due to exfoliating too much! Which I have now cut down on (promise)

But this face oil has done the trick and has helped my skin amazingly! I can now say that I have normal skin again and not combination, even with my exfoliation ONCE a week!

Another benefit to this facial oil is that it don’t make your skin oily, when applying it really sinks into the skin easily and rather quickly which at first can be a bit misleading and I did apply a bit more…. Which then my skin was a tad greasy.

So when applying the oil always make sure you only do one pump! It might not feel like much but I can promise you its more than enough!

Leaving the skin smelling great and it also gives you a handsome glow, which makes you feel amazing! This is a product that is definitely staying in my grooming regime! And something you all need to try out!

So the next product is the Rosa Rosa clarifying cleanser this is quite literally radiance in a bottle!

After using the wash a couple of times I couldn’t believe how soft it left my skin feeling, and the radiance it throws in with it!

rosa rosa

This face wash is amazing for people with skin that needs a bit of a treatment or just a good clean, with essential oils of Damask Rose, Orange Blossom and Camomile to help balance, tone and soothe skin.

This is definitely worth a try!

And the last product has been added into my favorite list… and that is the Flora Paradiso De-Stress Massage & Body Oil I can admit now I have not used this product for massaging … but I have been using it as a body oil all over.

body oil

So since I have moved into my new flat I have noticed with the shower being so powerful it has dried out my skin a bit … so I was using a few different body lotions and they just was not cutting it!

So when I tried this masterpiece I was rather happy! As my skin was becoming rather irritated from the dryness.

So after showering now I use this body oil every single time! And again it sinks into my skin really easily… leaving it feeling amazingly soft and smelling great.

My dry skin has now vanished thanks to the Flora Paradiso De-Stress Body Oil and I no longer have any irritated skin.

So if you are looking for something to use as a body mouistriser this is something all you guys need.

I have to say the products I have been trying are just amazing! And one thing I really do love is the fragrance in all of them it feels so natural!


So make sure to check out Bodhi and Birch here:

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