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So guys summer is coming and that means …visit to the beaches, holidays and if you live in London .. Extremely hot tube trains ! Oh god I’m dreading the tube !!!!

And with that comes swimwear… And one major thing …trimming and making yourself look a little bit less hairy.
Because to be honest with you guys … It’s never good to see someone near the pool with more hair on there back than there head.
This includes trimming that chest hair! Unless you prefer a complete no hair look I would suggest waxing … Yes it can be painful but the results are worth it .
No one said looking good was easy… And sometimes we have to make sacrifices.
But today I want to talk to you about a product that is pain free unlike waxing, and extremely good for trimming.
And that is the : Braun Cruzer 6 Body
So I have been trying this product out and I must say … Trimming in my life has become a lot easier.
I am not the hairiest person alive … But I don’t like having a lot of body hair.
It’s really good and easy with the braun cruzer6 body as you can use it in the shower  its wireless and re chargeable so really easy to fit into a routine! Don’t worry your not going to get an electric shock in the shower with it.
On thicker hairs it goes by the same rules … Always shave in the opposite direction of the actual hair growth pattern .
It can be a bit harder with thicker hairs but that is normal.
In the bikini area shall we just say it’s safe ! And yes it cuts fine… With no dodgy hairs left.
unnamed (1)
Chest hair is trimmed nice and neatly.
I must say that in the market these days … Body trimmers are not the greatest of products specially for men… But if you are looking to buy one I would highly suggest this one for you.
Obviously the time has come now for men’s body trimmers to be more effective and a lot more up to date shall we say.
Men now trim as a normal routine unlike ten years ago.
unnamed (2)
So when I am sitting by the pool I’m not expecting any of you to be looking like a fluffy bear ! Unless that is the look you intend to go for !
Some key facts:

Power TrimThe three trimming combs of the body hair remover allow you to choose

the perfect length for your body hair (0.6mm, 3mm & 8mm).

Wet shave

Equipped with Gillette’s advanced shaving technology with five specially
aligned blades, the cruZer6 body gives you a close and smooth shave
without any hassle.

1+2. Trim&shave
With its unique combination mode, the cruZer6 body hair remover lets
you trim and shave in one stroke.

The cruZer6 body has been specially designed for body grooming. Its unique
ergonomics allow you to comfortably shave all body parts and also tackle those
hard-to-reach areas like your shoulders.

you can see more information when you click here
and at the moment Argos have currently got this baby on sale for :£29.99 here
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