My Brown Phase

Happy 2015 everyone… and I hope you are all sticking to your new year’s resolutions!


Well I have sort of just realised I am really going through a strong brown phase at the moment.

From shoes, bags and scarfs … I never ever used to like this colour… but I have found that it really does add a touch of class to any outfit.

 So as its January I have been a very strong victim to the January sales…. Spent far too much money and got loads of stuff.

So I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces with you.

I bought these crocodile print shoes from Aldo, amazing print and very good quality leather. And what I do love about these shoes is that … I can wear them and they don’t cut my heels. In the past I have bought a pair of nice leather shoes and they had cut my heels really badly.

aldo shoes

So the amazing thing with these is that I still have feet!!!!And also the print on these is so good looking! I must say I do catch people looking at them from time to time on the tube!

These where originally £95 I got them for £45

aldo shoes close

And next is the bag, I love bags I have so many, but I saw this one in the Zara sale and I had to get it!

It’s a very light brown sandy colour and size wise it’s very generous

I got this in the Zara sale for £40

zara bag

And the last item is the new guess watch I bought, I had seen this watch in the guess shop but I got it on amazon for the total price of £97 and in the shop it would have cost me roughly about £140.

Again such a good looking print on the strap, it’s a very very handsome watch!


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