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So these days there are so many products on the market and its really hard to find the good and the bad products.

Obviously on my website i only put good products i do not recommend products that i do not like.

So further to that i have recently been using the Carsons Apothecary Amber 54 5 star shaving formula and it really is 5 star!


To be honest with you this article nearly never happened as when i opened the lid i sort of spilt it …. ops but never mind there is a lot left thank god!!! but be warned don’t do the same thing that i did!

So i was contacted by to try out the product which i was delighted to.

A bit of information about Carsons Apothecary :

Carsons Apothecary 5* Star Shaving Formula has been developed based upon the recipe used by a family of Iranian barbers for over 60 years. The formula is rich in Glycerin and fatty acids which soften the growth and expose the hair follicles. The scent is raw amber peppered with soothing lavender tones, prepared by a master perfumer in in the world’s fragrance capital Grasse, France.

Mr Carsons family in Tehran have used this formula for over 60 years in an emporium where men sit for hours having their hair cut, having a traditional cut-throat shave, smoking and drinking coffee.

So i have been applying my Amber 54 with a shaving brush which i would suggest as this does tend to get more coverage and its a lot easier, especially with the consistency being rather liquid like but you can apply with your hands if you wish.


I have been using the standard razor with this product that you gents at home would use and i must say this shaving formula is amazing! from the smell down to the packaging this product really does ooze perfect.

The smell is very masculine but not overpowering and when you have finished shaving and you start rinsing you can still get a slight hint of smell which is really nice.

The finishing product is perfect, this product really does help create the perfect shave gliding along the hairs instead of missing or picking the hairs.

Guys when it does come down to shaving it is really important to get the perfect product because as much as you can have a great razor this does not mean your going to have a perfect shave.


Good shaving products like Carsons apothecary are designed to not only create a soft glide on the blade but to help the blade get the hairs easier, which then does not create so much pulling or cutting so make sure you keep that in mind when you purchase your next shaving product.

I also Love the packaging this product comes in, very different and unique the jars look black but in actual fact they’re violet. This engineered glass carries the latest light protective technology to keep the cream as fresh as it was the day it was made.

This is probably one of the best Shaving products i have used for a while so i invite you to try it!

All of the Carsons Apothecary products can be purchased at

Thank you for reading.

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