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Hello everyone! Yes it has been a while, and apologies for that… but things have been busy… and not being well either it’s been rather hard to motivate myself.

But I am feeling a bit more normal now, and my creative cloud is back in my head! So I am happy to be writing again… still have a bit of my writer’s block… but that’s going now! THANK GOD!

So I have the privilege to introduce you to a new luxury brand named Cokroach!

cokroach logo

With some gorgeous pieces on offer, this is not your ordinary brand. cokroach tops complete collection, designer clothes

After meeting the founder of cokroach at London men’s collections, you really do get the feeling as to how passionate she is about her brand.

cokroach top two, liam yulhanson

She puts a lot of effort into the artistic creations that you see!

cokroach packaging for tops

Yes as you can see, these are cockroaches… and yes you would never relate them to a luxury brand, but the designer has created a little life for these cockroaches the design and detail that has gone into these slippers is unreal!

cokroach slippers

Nabila rafque the founder and designer for Cokroach is not just a designer she is an artist, creating a buzzing life of the cockroach, bringing them to life in her drawings, it really does make you appreciate these gorgeous designs.


You are not just buying a pair of slippers or a top per say, you are buying a piece of art, and within that creation hours of work has gone into the designs you see.

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From the designs down to the fabrics chosen to make these gorgeous pieces you see its all-very “Haute couture” shall we say!

I wore my pair of slippers to London fashion week, and shall we say a pair of these really is a great way to make a statement, and an entrance!

Yes there are other designers out there that make pretty slippers, but none of them make them with the same quality as Cokroach.

shoe packaging

Adding to that none of them make them with such unique designs.

The slippers are 100% cotton velvets and 100% sating silk lining with gold and silver wiring/ hand embroidery, these are probably the most comfortable slippers/ shoes you will ever own.

And the Fabric is from Savile row

I’ve never had my feet feel so comfortable!

Prices of these gorgeous slippers start from £295.

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Cokroach also offers 100% cotton tops, which have a gorgeous fit, and a great design. cockroach designer clothes.

Perfect to add an edgy touch to any outfit! Prices of tops start from £80

cokroach top 4

With Cokroach being so new they are currently in the process of setting up the website, and when this is up and running I will update this article so you can all have a nose. cokroach top 5

So how does it sound to you? Have I converted you to the cockroach? Because I know I have!

liam yulhanson wearing designer clothes, chief editor of

From the designs down to the packaging you receive your items in, so much effort has been put into every single detail… what is not to love about this brand?

cokroach top designer clothes

Make sure you keep your eye out for the cokroach

thank you for reading

Liam Yulhanson

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