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You know what I realised the other day one of my most precious products I have is my eye cream.

I think it would probably be one of my products I would have with me if I got stuck on a deserted island ( obviously that’s if i have the choice)

But I feel it’s one of those products that a lot of people really do under value.

The importance of an eye cream in my world is just as important as my moisturiser.

And if I don’t have it … well I just feel naked… it’s like leaving the house without a fragrance I literally just can’t do it.

So I wanted to share with you some of my favourite eye creams that I am using right now that I think you will all love … well I hope you do … but yes I hope you will all love and cherish as much as me.

So first of all at the moment I am using the Estée Lauder edit late night eraser.

This eye cream obviously being from Estée Lauder is a premium product but considering the price of 29 from selfridges it’s not actually that much.

This stuff does miracles in the morning especially if you have a busy lifestyle and your eyes are starting to show it.

This at the moment is my favourite eye cream.

Next is the revitalizing supreme again by Estée Lauder as you can tell I am a fan of Estée Lauder.

But this stuff is marvellous … it’s a rather heavy set cream so I would recommend using it more in the evening … unless you have a bit of dehydration under the eyes you can use it during the day if you prefer something thicker and for the price of £44 it’s a good price for such a good quality product.

Next is the repairwear laser focus by Clinique … this stuff is great for Day and night if you are looking for something more flexible.

It has the variation of a light texture that easily sinks into the skin.

But it also has the effect of a thicker cream which I love! This stuff is great and I would highly recommend to all eye cream lovers and for an average price of £30 I think it’s well priced.

And lower on the price list is No7 lift and luminate … now I’m not going to lie but I haven’t used this stuff in years … but I did use it for years … and this stuff is amazing.

Considering the price of £17 it really does what it says on the tin it lifts and luminates the eye area.

This is a great eye cream if you need a booster.

Or if your eyes are looking a bit tired.

But you can use it on a daily basis which I used to.

Just to let you know if your not aware No7 is exclusive to boots.

So that’s all for now … if you think of some eye creams that need to be added into my collection of gems let me know.

Liam x

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