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So I thought I would share with you the fish hair products that I have been trying out recently and I really like them!

I really love the amount of texture that they add into the hair.

I have never ever been a massive fan of greasy hair products so these two products being Matte, were perfect for me.

So let’s talk a bit about the fish brand.

Fish is actually a salon which started in 1987 in the heart of Soho London.

When they started in 1987, they had two members of staff and since then they have had numerous of celebrities, and big well known shops stocking there products, including Harrods and boots.

And they now have a team of 15.

And the name fish, well I did always wonder but I shall tell, basically when they acquired the property in Soho it was previously a sex shop, but knocking down a few walls, they found some really nice art deco tiles and realised it had been a fish mongers some time ago.

So that is where the name “Fish” comes from. picture 2

So let’s talk about the products!

So the first product is the Fish stone fish.

This is a really solid product in the tub and I was slightly worried at first as usually these type of products I find rather clog/ crumble in the hair or turn really heavy and your hair ends up looking really greasy….. And no one wants to walk around looking like you could cook an egg on your head!

But it was the complete opposite, once onto the hand it’s rather easy to break up and very easily applied into the hair with an extra strong / Matte hold.

With my hair type being extra thick and straight it’s very hard to add any texture or shape into my hair, but obviously with the correct products this can be achievable! (Without looking greasy)

And yes with this product it is achievable! stonefish hair product

The smell I have been trying to work it out, but I’m afraid I can’t, but it does smell really nice.

Just a small tip, when applying this product, work at a slow pace with small applications, I find that best.

And when washing the stonefish out try doing a dry wash first as it does contain beeswax which can tend to stick a bit, but with the dry wash this should eliminate that.

So the next product is the Fish Superfish.

This product is a fibre / putty / paste.

I love this product and its extra good for those mornings you are being lazy and just can’t be bothered haha, I have quite a few of those… anyway….

As mentioned this product is really easy to apply and soft! With a good hold it has a softer hold than the stonefish, but it still holds.

It did add a lot of texture into the hair but you do need to use a bit more to just get it right… which I don’t mind.

It smells really nice like the stonefish I can’t work out what the smell is, but it’s really nice.

It does not have an ounce of grease to it which is extra good! superfish hair product

I would say this product is perfect for longer hair… as to where you don’t want too much of a hold but you want to add some texture in, this is definitely perfect for that!

And with this product it washes out really easy… so no need for the dry wash.

What I really do like about these products is that they are salon professional products, but are at normal retail prices.

You can see the fish salon and products here

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