Get Gorgeous for 2016!

Hi guys! Hope your all well!

So as the New Year is coming we all want to go by our New Year’s resolutions and look fab or lose weight! So with that spirit I thought I would do an article on how to get gorgeous for 2016!

So today I want to recommend a few products for you that I have tried and tested to help you look fab for the New Year.

These are products that are highly recommended in my books! So a definite must have!

Clear the spots!

Try the Australian body care tea tree oil face mask! This is great for the treatment of spots. australian body care

This mask really gives off a nice cooling sensation which also helps de stress and calms the skin down.

Wash it!

Try the caudalíe instant foaming cleanser with grapes and sage face wash! This is a must have this face wash! caudalie foam face wash

This wash also tones the face whilst washing at the same time! Whenever I’m having a break out of spots this also helps eliminate them.

I couldn’t live without this product in my life!

Get rid of those lines!

Nip and fab have really come up in my world! I love their products! And I use them daily!

Use the glycolic mask! This helps eradicate those lines. nip+fab

Helping the skin look polished and brighter! It’s all really good for new cell regeneration which helps keep skin looking younger.

And with that try the glycolic exfoliating serum. nip and fab

I use this nearly every day! It really does help give of that polished and matte look.

No one wants to look shiny or shall we say oily.

But this does help brighten the skin and also moisturise it.


Moisturise it!

FIT for men do an amazing serum that unfortunately I have run out of! This serum is an all-rounder! Great for treating dry skin, without making you look oily.

fit skincare serum -

But also great for just a normal daily Moisturiser!

Routine for men have a great daily moisturiser! This is great as an intense treatment! Just make sure you don’t over use it!

This is extremely good for people with dry skin. routine for men

Monuskin multi mineral complex moisturiser and winner of the malegrooming guide awards 2015 best moisturiser!

You don’t understand as to how upset I was when I run out of this! monu multi mineral complex

Amazing for all skin types!

Under the surface!


Gold Collagen yes I know I have spoken about them before! But I can’t get enough of their products! mens beauty and fashion blogger in London

These little pots of gorgeousness are just great! Especially if you’re feeling a bit urgh and need an uplift.

These are great for the under layers of the skin and also help gain a better skin complexion! Trust me I was glowing after using them for 3 weeks!

Soak in it!

Winner of the malegrooming guide awards 2015 best body scrub is the Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi himalayan detox salt scrub bodhi and birch

I love this product; it has to be one of my most favourite of all times! Try applying it onto the skin and then sink into the bath for half hour! Your skin will feel amazing afterwards!

No one wants crow’s feet!

Two recommendations for you to choose from but they do different things … confused?

Okay so I use the Clinique laser repair for under my eyes, I find this is more of a long term treatment and after a while does help the reduction of lines, this is not an instant lifting cream! But shall we say its more of an intense long term treatment. clinique repairwear laser focus

But if I need an instant lift I use the Lifting eye serum by rogues, you can feel the skin tightening and lifting… And within 15 minutes you are able to notice a difference, it also helps reduce eye bags! So if you are prone to getting those little bags under your eyes you will really like this product. 2

Shave it perfectly!

Pall Mall barbers offer the most amazing products for gaining the most perfect shave! And they smell amazing!

They have a 3 step regime to help you gain the perfect shave. Pall mall barbers shave 9

But the perfect shave is not possible if you don’t have the perfect razor right? Pall mall barbers shave 8

Try The Apsley by Wilde and Harte, this baby is as good as it looks! As I’ve mentioned before with this product I loved it from the minute I saw it, and I still use mine all the time.

Wilde & Harte razor 1

Leaving you baby smooth and clean, this razor really does help you gain the shave of your life!

wilde and harte razor 4

Thank you so much reading and I hope you have a great new year’s eve! And happy 2016



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