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Hello everyone and apologies on being so delayed or shall we say rather slow, with the posts recently.

It’s just been so MAD with Christmas coming up, and having to do my Christmas shopping and planning as to what I am doing… and obviously planning my writing… it has been busy busy!

LET ALONE POSTING PICTURES ON INSTA haha! male beauty blogger

So basically I wanted to talk to you about Gold Collagen and as you may know they won my Malegrooming guide awards 2015 Best Supplement of the year (ACTIVE gold collagen)

So as you may already know I am a big fan, but I have never done an article regarding there little drinks of gorgeousness! mens beauty and fashion blogger in London

I must say when Essence PR contacted me again asking if I wanted to try out the beauties again with an extra! This extra being the Hydrogel mask I was pleased! Because when I tried out gold collagen ACTIVE drinks during the malegrooming guide awards I instantly fell in love.

So a little bit about the drinks:

When I started trying out the Active gold collagen I had literally just finished planning my wedding so as you can imagine! Things get incredibly stressy and nothing ever goes to plan (if you ever get married just hire a wedding planner it is so much easier).

So my skin especially on my face was looking rather dull and grey, extremely washed out and tired.

I was suffering from breakouts which I always get when I am stressed on when the weather changes…. And unfortunately the weather was not changing so it was definitely the wedding stress.

They do say planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times in your life, well let me tell you this! They are not lying.

The Active Gold Collagen basically saved my life for the wedding; it helped my skin regain the natural glow, helped my skin recover from the breakout and helped the pictures for my wedding come out amazing.

My skin has never felt so smooth! And I was glowing! mens beauty and fashion blogger

I must say this is one of those products that I have really enjoyed using and I will continue using it! Which don’t happen very often.

So following on from that is the Hydrogel Mask that is exclusive with any Gold Collagen Purchase of 30 or 90 day programmes and this deal only lasts up until 29th December 2015! So just in time to look fabulous on Christmas day! Trust me you don’t want to miss out on this one!

I have been trying the masks now for about 2 weeks and I am in Love, gold collagen have proved to me that they cant let me down… everything they make I love!

Check out the link here to the masks:

So if you are a bit like me, and during the winter you tend to get a bit of dry skin on the face even after you have exfoliated and moisturised …. This mask will really help you out!

It helps to hydrate and nourish the skin, and also helps skin texture and radiance. gold collagen

Trying this mask and the drinks at the same time makes your skin look amazing, and really does give you that amazing glow!

I have been leaving mine on in the evening for about 40 minutes and then when you remove the skin like coating the product is still there sinking into your skin.

The mask is drenched in product, so gold collagen has not been tight in making this gorgeous mask! But be careful when applying the mask ….. Make sure to read the instructions otherwise it could get messy! male fashion blogger

The mask is also incredibly handy for those days that are full of stress.. …and when you apply it gives you a nice cooling sensation,which always helps me chill out! Hydrogel mask by gold collagen

Thank you so much for reading !

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