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So I thought I would share something more personal with you people….

It’s my obsession and I can’t get enough of these products.

It’s Guerlain.

Every department store I visit I will always try and hunt down the Guerlain counter because I just can’t get enough of the smell and the image of these products … the packaging just looks so enticing…

Yes my friends do take the mick out of me … but I don’t care I smell better.

I am in love with Guerlain and I admit it … yes I think it could be a slight problem / obsession.

And my other half is allergic to the smell!!! So I can’t pile it on anymore … which is probably a good thing haha!

So I thought it would be good to do something and share with you my favourite products from Guerlain.

I have a few so it’s impossible to put them all up … we would literally be here all day… so I went through them all and thought I would share with you my favourites and essential Guerlain products… and it’s always nice to do something more personal.

So the first product is the Shalimar Guerlain fragrance.

Guerlain shalimar fragrance

The packaging wow! I must say out of all my fragrances the packaging on this is always the best.

And the smell, well let’s say it lasts all day long!

And it seems to have a different smell throughout the day… so sometimes it smells even sweeter.

If you’re aiming to buy this product just don’t pile it on! Otherwise people will be able to smell you from the other side of the globe!

Oh and the good thing about this fragrance is that you can literally just refill it…. You just buy another glass bottle of the fragrance and pop it in… and done! gurlain shalimar fragrance bottle open

The next product is the Shalimar supreme body cream. Guerlain surpeme body butter

Oh my god! WoW! For you people out there that like a really nice smelling body cream this is definitely for you!

I love this stuff so much! I actually get really scared to use it as I never want to run out haha!

You only need to use a tiny bit as this cream is thick! Very much like a body butter … so no need to fall into the tub haha! Just make sure when applying you spread thoroughly over the skin.

And again the quality and the packaging is just pure luxurious! Gurlain shalimar surpreme body cream

And the smell lasts quite a while.

And the next product, just make sure you use this before the supreme body butter. Guerlain shalimar shower gel

And that is the Shalimar satin shower gel! Now if you use this product before the supreme body cream it really does intensify the smell of the body cream but nicely!

Just don’t be applying the fragrance after…. Just don’t! As I have learned from experience.. Everyone has a different sense of smell, and some people may not like it.

Like I learned from my other half… well it was more the fact that he started chocking … haha! So yes I nearly killed him by Guerlain… oh dear haha!

But the satin wash is very much like a body wash but with the added softness of the product and the ultra-moisture feeling it leaves on the skin afterwards.

But if you don’t like the supreme body cream you can use the Shalimar sensational body lotion which is a lot lighter on the skin, and smells just as good!

And again, don’t overdo it with the wash, lotion and fragrance it has the same effect…. I think I am just addicted! Guerain shalimar body lotion

Next if you fancy a bit more luxury in your shower doings…… try the Guerlain Secret de Purete, it’s basically a body moisturiser and illuminator that you wash off.

I always apply this before getting into the shower, it does not smell as intense as the Shalimar range, it has more of a clean smell to it. gurlain blue tub

But I love it!

Leaving the skin moisturised and extra soft! gurlain body shower cream

And lastly is the Guerlain Ideal which you probably all know by now that I am addicted to this fragrance as I have written about it beforehand, it is definitely the perfect fragrance for all attires and it lasts all day! What more could you want?


So there we go I have confessed and shared my obsession with Guerlain!


I don’t want to know how much I have probably spent! But I am pretty sure I will always keep on buying them forever and ever haha! guerlain products

Thank you for reading

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