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Homo Naturals

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Hello everyone, and I hope your having a good weekend so far.

So today I wanted to introduce you to Homo Naturals if you haven’t heard of them before they are the first 100% natural skincare brand specially for men.

Pronounced Omo Naturals by the way …..

Its the brand of Mediterranean man and the leading brand for men in southern Europe.

Their products are rich in active ingredients and have been exclusively formulated with natural and organic ingredients such as plant extracts and cold-pressed vegetable oils in order to achieve the highest level of nutrients. They also include aromatherapy in there formulas, using essential oils to make the most of the active ingredients for the skin

they use glass bottles wherever possible, as glass preserves the content at its most and respects the environment. And they use top quality certified German glass free from lead and other heavy metals


and just one more note…Homo Naturals youth Blend moisturiser was chosen as the second best product by Men´s Health Magazine 2013 (Spanish Edition).

So I have been trying out the youth blend and the cool splash for the past couple of weeks and I have really enjoyed using them.

So the youth blend:

I have really loved using this product, considering you only have to use a little bit for it to be very effective on the skin, bursting with moisture.

Also this helps create a very good even skin tone.

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The skin absorbs the product very easily, just don’t do what I done and that’s pile it on at first, otherwise naturally you will look a bit oily haha …..

A little bit about the Youth blend:


And with that obviously we all want collagen within our skin to keep ourselves looking young.

I would definitely use this product again,

You can see the product here

Overall this is an amazing product and easily fits into the daily routine.

So lets talk a bit about the Cool splash spray

Extra cooling, refreshing and extra handy after having a shave.

The smell of the product is very fresh… which I love.

The Cool splash is alcohol free so only plant extracts!

And with some added Aloe Vera which is a natural anti irritant.

cool splash - malegroomingguide.info

You can also use this after sunbathing, unfortunately I have not been sunbathing recently so I am not to sure, but I can imagine with the aloe Vera this would be very handy for those blistering burns…. Ouch.

Also since living near the river Thames…. which is now apparently tropical with all these mosquitoes flying around … and eating me alive… i have been spray the Cool splash on the bites, and it actually does help soothe the itch….

so a bit about the Cool splash spray :

STEP (2)

On application it comes out just like a mist spray, so extremely easy to apply.

Again I would definitely use this product again you can see the link here

I hope you have enjoyed reading, as much as i loved trying these products out.

thank you

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