How to get yourself looking more dapper?

One I thing I know how to do is making me look dapper, debonair, smart, spruce and trim.

And there is one main aspect of your outfit that needs to be considered and that is the French cuff and what you’re going to put there?

And that is a really nice set of Cufflinks.

If you really think about it, men don’t have as many options to accessorize as to what women do.
But there are a few options and one of those options are a nice dazzling pair of Cufflinks.

Cufflinks are a good way to express your self within a formal way.
With so many pairs to choose from it’s good to know what colours your looking for.

Some key notes:

If your going to wear Cufflinks everyday to work, make sure there not too loud, unless you’re the boss!

There absolutely dazzling to wear for social occasions.

If your going to meet a client for work, make sure your wearing a nice pair, trust me a good appearance can you get you very far these days. cufflinks tm lewin 2

All of my shirts tend to have the French cuff as I love wearing my Cufflinks I have lots of different colours and styles. cufflinks tm lewin 5

So instead of showing you mine, I went to T.M Lewin on Oxford Street to show you some of the best Cufflinks you can get yourself.

and there is such a gorgeous collection. cufflinks tm lewin 8

And if you don’t have French cuff Shirts you can treat yourself to some with T.M Lewin, I got my recent collection from T.M Lewin and they have a very stylish and colourful collection to offer. cufflinks tm lewin 4

You can visit the T.M Lewin site here cufflinks tm lewin 1

And thank you for reading.

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