London Fashion week Prep SS17

So it’s that time of year again London fashion week SS17 and it seems like this season is going to be my busiest with literally back to back shows.

Preparation for fashion week is always key and if this is your first season I am going to give you a few pointers to make your life a bit easier.

Always prepare your outfits! For me this is so important especially if I am running around like a lunatic! Quite literally, especially with some shows starting early on the weekend you want to make sure you get some rest time … so this does ease up a bit of time before getting ready.

10th  Jacuary 2016  Chester Barrie AW16 presentation at London Collections: Men held at the Waldorf Hilton. Here: David Gandy,Chris Scott Gray and Chris Modoo Credit: Justin Goff/

Fashion or comfort….. Now I am not saying that all fashion is uncomfortable but you need to make sure that if you have shows in different locations you are able to walk!


I always remember my first season of attending London fashion week I thought I would wear a really great pair of shoes… obviously I wanted my outfit to stand out! But by the end of the day I could barely walk… quite literally dragging my feet down the road! Your legs get tired and your hungry … and your feet are just like Hell no!

Food! No I am not saying when you’re watching a show sit there with all your snacks out…. Obviously you want to uphold some sort of class.

But always make sure you have some sort of sugary snacks to hand …. If you are back to back with shows and again they are in different locations … the majority of the time you don’t have the time to go and find something to eat…. There has been plenty of times I’ve had to run into ITSU opposite fashion scout because I have got nothing to eat … literally dying of starvation! Always remember this … it helps save time and helps you keep your energy.


Cocktails & champagne, usually at the end of fashion week you will think you need to be carted off to rehab, and the majority of the time you don’t realise what or why you are drinking … yes it great to be social and it’s fabulous to go to the


after party’s…. Just make sure you have the drinking under control…. And no one wants to be the crazy one at the party!


Weatherproof, with most fashion week invites they always state a time to be at the door and usually a time the show starts…. This is usually a guideline …. I have never known a show to run on time … usually half or an hour late at most…. It can get cold and it can rain …. So always make sure you have an umbrella to hand and perhaps a scarf somewhere in the Mary Poppins bag.


Want to be unique… don’t be a snob…. Now I know this sounds extremely patronising and this is not aimed at everyone …. But don’t be one of those people that don’t talk because you got an invite to a certain show and they didn’t … or eye cuttingfashion week is an extremely busy period and a lot of people don’t realise it actually can be rather exhausting with all the queuing and running around the last thing people want is someone to be handing them out dirty looks.

Honestly sometimes you feel like you have run a marathon!


But not everyone at fashion week is like this …. I have met some great people! And friends at fashion week that I usually see every season.


One last thing … business cards …. Fashion week is extremely great for networking, the amount of people I’ve worked with because I gave them my card at fashion week is madness!


Always carry cards … no I am not saying that you need to be throwing them at people … but if you have been talking with someone and you see a future collaboration or some work …. Give them your card … because I’m pretty sure they will be handing you theirs.


Yes a lot to remember but always so handy to know!


Have a great fashion week and I hope to see you there!

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