Mallorca in the Spring

Hello everyone! I hope you are all very well! Long-time no see!

Can I first of all say as to how sorry I am that I have been very quiet

Since London fashion week in February I’ve not been able to write anything!

My head feels like I’ve had such a block… So I’ve had to take some time out and do things for me…

And do things that I enjoy.

And that’s why I’m writing this blog post because I love travelling and I don’t know why I’ve never really done it before … As I do travel a lot !

So I thought it would be good to try it out! It always adds an extra added subject to the blog… So what the hell! Haha!

My other half really wanted a break and suggested Mallorca I was a bit like … Okay but isn’t it rather “chavy” shall we say.

But he booked it anyways! I needed the break and so did he.

And I got to say I’ve fallen in love with this little Spanish island!


We came during March obviously not the hottest time of the year but it was reaching about 16 to 18c everyday so much better then London … And no rain !!!! HOORAY!

We stayed in the south of the island right near Palma airport in the BQ Apolo hotel! Beautiful hotel and great staff!

The view from the room into the sea was amazing! Very peaceful and a place I needed to be.

The room is decorated to a modern standard and with pretty touches of colour.

Bathroom is lovely and modern and clean… This is always a big factor for me! I have to have a clean bathroom!

Obviously you are going to think … Okay well it’s a hotel is going to be nice right?!?

Think again I’ve been to Spain a few times… Well more the Canary Islands shall we say… And the hotels have never really been that great…. Even the 4 stars feel a bit grubby in their own way….

So this was a treat … On a Spanish Island in a great hotel with amazing views!!! Over the moon!!
If you are thinking about going to Mallorca during the spring time I would definitely suggest it, and i would definitely recommend staying at the BQ Apolo hotel.

Lovely break and loads to see and do! Obviously it’s not going to be weather that you can jump in the outdoor pool and swim in the sea… But it’s not too cold to go to the beach … And the BQ Apolo hotel has an indoor pool which is heated … Cute and small but private … Which is great for a chill out!


We also had breakfast included which was really nice! Lots of variety to choose from cooked breakfast to more continental style.

Croissants and loads of bread! With fresh coffee… I’m happy!

The island offers loads to do with so much to see and do it’s rather impossible to see it all in a week.

With Palma central offering loads of little cute backstreets and boutique style kind of shops… You can’t help but really have a look around.

Lots of culture and history throughout the city.

And some stunning beaches! So I will definitely have to come back during the summer… As you rarely see such nice beaches in Europe.

When it comes to dinner the island offers a massive variety of different kind of foods from your traditional dishes to your more unexpected kinds of dishes.
With prices varying from high end to low end… The island of Mallorca caters for all people.

Make sure you try out the Fibonacci cafe ( I think that’s what is called) along the seafront, the only place in mallorca you can find a big coffee! and amazing cake as you can see!

The BQ Apolo hotel also offers dinner at 15 euro per head… I didn’t try it … But they had different themes every night from Cuban to Mexican.

One thing I did notice was that there are a lot of people that cycle around the island… and it’s not like cycling in London where your nearly killed by every turning,

It’s actually a very peaceful cycle, with a dedicated lane just for people with bikes!

The hotel offers bike rental for the whole day which is great when you want to cycle into the main city.

Or you can try walking the pathway from the park which is right near the beach which takes you right into the city centre of Palma.

(If you have trouble finding the path, its literally just follow the beach front) and it has some amazing views, great for the camera shots.


Overall this little island really did impress me, I was actually shocked as to how nice and pretty this place is.

There was me thinking I was going to be sitting around the pool with all the chavs (No offense) but it was the complete opposite.

The local people are all really friendly, and more than willing to help out if you get a bit stuck.

You can check out the hotel in this Link:

And the reviews on Tripadvisor are the best for hotels in Mallorca… so make sure to check it out!

My next trip is New York in April… so keep your eyes peeled!

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