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Okay so it’s been pretty quiet on here recently and I do apologise to all my readers I have been incredibly busy and a lot of changes in my life have happened over the past couple of weeks regarding my career but it’s now time to come back 🙂

So regarding the men u hair range I have been trying out two of there products which are the liquifflex and the define & shine.

So a little bit about the men u range men-ü is a revolutionary line of high performance, ultra concentrate products – a little goes a long way.

Concentrated formulae facilitate use of a high percentage of the finest ingredients and the secret is to get them to where they are needed without waste. men u hair product range 4

So the first product I’m talking about is my favourite which is the liquifflex, now this generally works in my hair when it’s a lot shorter and to be honest that is generally the rule with all hair products.

When my hair is a lot longer it tends to become a lot thicker and a lot less resilient to hair products, even creating shape in my hair when long is just ridiculous. (Trust me its like a spring!)

So I have tried this product with shorter hair and longer hair, and it works amazingly well with both.

With my shorter hair it really does have the strong hold without making my hair look greasy which also helps create a lot of body and shape. men u hair product range 3

With the longer hair don’t get me wrong all products struggle with my hair but this really does put out a fight, it helps create a lot of shape and texture into the hair, so guys if you really do struggle when your hair is a bit longer and you don’t have the time to get your hair cut! This is the product for you.

I would say the Liquifflex is more of a holding product than a product to create shine, it does have a shine value to it, but I would not aim to buy this product if it was shine I was after.

This product is more for hold and excellent body, defining shape and adding texture.

Adding to that I really love the packaging also!

Now the next product is the Define and shine, this product is perfect for ladies and gents with long or short hair when your adding the shine factor into your hair.

Or with longer hair when you are trying to add in some texture, this is really the product for you.

men u hair product range

This is a high shine product, which is stated on the packaging…. And they are not lying.

Now a lot of people assume when it says high shine, people automatically assume greasy.

This does not create grease at all, it creates a glistening shine into the hair without looking like you have had oil thrown at your head.

The define and shine Is great at creating texture and body, yes the hold is a lot less compared to the Liquifflex but this is more of a finishing product rather than a holding product. menu hair products

Especially with gents out there that have the slick back styles, you would really love this product!

Overall I would use the Men ü range again specially the Liquifflex this product is perfect for my hair.

Your can check out their entire range here: Men ü

Thank you for reading.

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