Menage Hydrating Antioxidant Gel

Hey People! Sorry it has been so long! … I know right! But I have just come back from sunny Florida (My honeymoon) I had a gorgeous time, but I feel like I need another holiday to recover from that holiday! Haha

So anyways today I wanted to introduce you to a new product from Menage.

And that is the Hydrating Antioxidant Gel. menage

So a little bit about Menage if you have not heard of them before:

A British brand that are creating some of the best antioxidant products around with their fabulous ingredient Copper PCA.

Starting in 2010 with the amazing hand cream, they suddenly realised that there are so many men out there that need good anti-ageing products.

So my review of the Menage Hydrating antioxidant gel.

I must say since I was younger I was never a massive fan of gel type products, and the reasoning for this is because I tried one and I found it incredibly sticky…. And I don’t like feeling sticky… but who does?

But since writing I have tried out many forms of gel based products from eye creams down to your facial moisturisers and I must say my opinion has definitely changed.

I obviously tried a bad one at the time ….

But the Menage hydrating antioxidant gel is one of those products that I like! menage mens hydrating antioxidant gel

It seems to me that it puts your skin in to some sort of a detox and clears … shall we say it gets rid of all the rubbish within the skin.

This is one of those products that you have to keep using to see the results.

I have been using the Menage hydrating antioxidant gel for round about a month and my skin feels so clear! It has really helped eradicate any blemishes on my face!

What I also Love about this product is that it’s so easily applied, and it sinks into the skin incredibly quick almost instantly… so no oily looking skin.

And as it is now winter my skin tends to get a few dry patches… this has also helped, I no longer have any winter dry patches on my skin.

This is a definite must try and for the price of £22 you wouldn’t get a product this advanced for a price like that!

And I love the Menage packaging! All very pretty …… menage facial cream

So a bit about Copper PCA:

Yes when we think about copper, it’s more like the pennies rolling around in your wallet, or in your bag (sounds more like me)

But when it comes to skincare Copper PCA or shall we say Peptides are derived from a form of acid.

Copper Peptides (PCA) helps the skin firm and loosing collagen, it also helps the skin heal and tissue repair.

And obviously it works as an antioxidant. mens top blog

So as I mentioned beforehand this is a complex Gel, and is a definite must try.

Don’t be scared by the word copper, remember it’s good for you!

make sure to check out the menage website here : the world leading blog in mens grooming

Thank you for reading.

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