Mens bags of 2015

I just love bags don’t you ?!

I must say Men’s bags these days have come really far and there is near on different bag for each attire.

I have a massive fascination for bags and i always have done since my teens … my friends used to ask ” why are you carrying that when you only have a couple of bits” My excuse always was, “I hate carrying things in my pockets as i always loose them” haha! and i must say i probably still use that excuse.

The truth is when it comes to accessories, even when i cant be bothered to make an effort, I always have a bag without fail!

Bit like the mobile phone you know, If i don’t have my bag i feel a bit naked shall we say …

well anyways it’s 2015 and spring is nearly here thank god ! and i must say so far this is my favourite year for bags ! there are some absolutely gorgeous bags around at the moment and i thought i would share my favourite with you.

Honestly if i was to share all of them, the website would probably end up crashing, so i kept it to a minimum of Seven bags, let me know what you think!

riess bag (1)

Louis vuitton (2)

burberry bag (3)

Barbour bag (4)

hm bag (5) £69.66 (6)

ted baker bag (7)

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