The men’s blogging community

I am not a happy bunny…actually I’m a rather upset bunny shall we say!

And no this is not because of the male blogging community this is because how some people like to perceive the male blogging community.
So about a week ago naming no names … There was a particular blogger chat going on around Twitter which involved *male bloggers* as the main aspect of the conversation.
Which I thought was a great idea … But when the questions came my anger built …one question in particular really got to me and that was * what do you think can be done to integrate male bloggers better into the community*
Are you actually being serious ?
So let’s look at the meaning … Integrate: bring (people or groups with particular characteristics or needs) into equal participation in or membership of a social group or institution.
And community means :the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.
Okay so I know this is silly but I want to put this out to everyone … There are male bloggers in the world … A lot actually and there is already a community … We don’t need to be integrated … We have already integrated into the blogging community the last time I checked.
There are loads of male and female bloggers I speak with on a daily basis … And if that don’t mean *being apart of the community I don’t know what is*.
I have helped newbie female bloggers to set up there own websites and one of my fav bloggers Lizzie is female!
So please tell me … How do you think the male blogging community needs to be integrated?
I mean when it comes to events … There’s the same amount of guys as girls.
Fashion week there’s the same amount as guys and girls … So tell me … How? What needs to change … And how can it be changed.
From my perspective the person that asked that question has surely no idea about the male blogging community and how it is.
And stereotyping is obviously one thing you are great at.
So after the whole stress of that question there was one more that I noticed later and my anger brewed and I snapped as this did upset me.
And the question was : do you think there is space for male bloggers in fashion and beauty which is dominated by females …. Something like that.
Now that really wound me up … Because it’s basically saying … Do we accept male bloggers or not.
Now can I just clarify something … There’s not as many male bloggers as there are females but the male bloggers that are out there are doing a pretty good job! And don’t need to be pushed aside by silly little comments like this!
Yes there are more females around but half of them write about something different and every blogger is unique in their own way … So how does this make the male bloggers any different.
As bloggers we are all the same we blog / write about things … Why put each other down female and male? mens grooming and beauty blogger
Why should a Twitter chat try and create boundaries between the two?
I don’t get it ! But from where I stand we should all stand together ! We are in the same boat in the long run!
I won’t be joining this Twitter chat anymore and I won’t be supporting that brand in particular anymore I am deeply disappointed in this one particular lady that runs the brand.
But I won’t be losing out on anything because I am a male blogger so please don’t worry about me!

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  • I saw snippets of this ‘chat’ and thought what the actual fuck? I agree with your comments and think there’s no difference between male and female bloggers and why should there be? It was an extremely patronising chat and good on you for this blog!! 👌

    • thank you Deb i agree with you on this … there should not be a difference between male or female bloggers… to be honest i did not think there was until “that chat”



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