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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long time no post… but I have been so so busy! Starting a new job and I’ve been on holiday so not really had much time recently.

But I am back now… after my two weeks of silence haha!

So today I wanted to tell you about Mojo hair products!

I got another opportunity via to try these two babies out.

 They are fresh onto the market.

And I can say I have really enjoyed using them!

The packaging is really nice, really different on comparison with normal packaging of hair products.

As you can see … they are rather hot! mojo hair product

So both of these products are styling products!

What I have really liked about both of these products is that they really do wash out so easily, and they apply without any clogging.

I hate having all those clumps in my hair…. It’s just not attractive!

So the first product is the Clay

With a hold factor of 3 I really have enjoyed using this product, it’s really light but extra effective, especially when creating a textured style. mojo hair product clay

The hold of the product is not the strongest but the effect it creates within the hair is a definite worth having. mojo hair product clay in pot

“Extra good on short styles, to help create some shape boosted with high texture” clay in hand mojo hair product

It is a complete matte product so it does not create any greasy looking hairs.

I find a spritz of hairspray after applying is always handy!

So the next product is the fibre shaper. mojo hair product fibre shaper

This product is good for short and long hair.

Especially if you want to create a healthy shine and texture with some hold.

When I say shine, I don’t mean oily okay… it actually adds a really nice shine into the hair… so don’t worry if you try this product you are not going to walk around looking like a grease ball! fibre shaper in hand mojo hair product

If your hair is really thick like mine this product will probably do you a lot better, as the product does come with a bit of weight to it, which is always good for me.

Remember it’s always best to apply hair products little by little so you don’t overdo it. mojo hair product fibre shaper in pot

And if you are going to apply a hairspray after applying the fibre shaper, just make sure it’s not a shine added spray, as you may look like you are glowing after that haha!!!

Also the smell of these products … well I can’t work out what the smell is, I think it’s a bit citrus like, I really like the smell so that’s what matters !

Overall I have really enjoyed using these products, and love how easily they apply and wash out!

Thank you for reading.

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