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Hello everyone! Boys and girls … it has been a long time since I last wrote and you may have noticed … a few things have changed.


I’ve changed.


Since the last time I wrote well about the awards…. I’ve been stuck…. not with content but shall we say with passion.

My passion for writing has been lacking the past year shall we say.


And now I’ve realized why…. I’ve been trying to make my blog into something it’s not … something different and something that people will come to.


I thought all along that the journey of a blogger was easy … let me tell you it’s far from that.


I don’t know why I stuck to just men’s stuff! The majority of stuff that I really love is not men’s!


So what the hell? Why am I writing something to please…. something to fit with a trend?


Men’s grooming products have boomed so much it’s great to see men looking after themselves but what about me?


I’ve decided to launch! As The Luxe Glam…. yes no more male grooming guide! Eurgh the thought of that name I can’t deal with it anymore.




So the Luxe Glam…. is perhaps shall we say more for the ladies … sorry guys! There will be stuff still here for you but shall we say … on lesser occasions.


The majority of skincare I know about is ladies … same with hair and makeup.


I’ve never posted one image of myself on Instagram wearing makeup! But you wouldn’t know that I do actually wear the stuff.




Where do you think all that powder came from on the Donald trump video? That wasn’t orange paint … that was a lot of origins bronzing powder!



Can I add that bronzer is amazing btw!


So here’s to a new start! A fresh start! A new me, and writing better stuff!


To the Luxe glam!


Liam x




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