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Can I first say this is an extremely overdue blog post …. But hey its here.

And if you have never ever been to New York can I just say that this is one place everyone needs to visit! At some point in there life.

My other half had to go for work … so I was like oh I need to tag along on this trip! I had never been beforehand and I’ve always wanted to go!

IMG_6073 IMG_6072

The city of New York is buzzing with life wherever you go! In every single crack of the city there is life!

So many places to shop and so many outrageous things to see.


What really blew me away was when we were driving from JFK airport and crossing into Manhattan the skyline is beautiful! I mean amazing.

No where on this earth has a skyline like New york …. I just thought it was going to be a bit like London with all the tall buildings… ha well I was wrong on that!

Throughout the day I was alone as the other half was at work … so It did get a tad bit lonely …. But I had a real good opportunity to explore.

And an amazing view from the hotel room.

We stayed at the Marcel at gramercy and they upgraded our room! And from what I have heard … the rooms in New York are usually really small! But this room was massive! And amazing service overall I would definitely stay here again.

IMG_6046 IMG_6045 IMG_6043 IMG_6041 IMG_6036 IMG_6035 marcel at gramercy

And on the roof terrace you had such an amazing view of the Empire state!


Being in New York for 5 days and shopping eating and sightseeing one thing I did not get to see was the statue of liberty that’s for next time.

IMG_6101 IMG_6098 IMG_6093

From the daytime to the night-time this is really a city that does not know how to sit down and relax…. at first I found it rather exhausting. And the bloody lights when trying to cross the road!!! You have to wait at every single crossing … trust me I would suggest you do so otherwise you will end up getting hit by a taxi or a bus but after a while you get used to it … and learn how to enjoy it.

IMG_6055 IMG_6063


New York is a city that really does know how to spoil its visitors …and if you have a sweet tooth like me … this is definitely the place to be … thank god I don’t live there otherwise I would be so big by now! From ice creams to every thing you could possibly want that’s sweet its in new york!

We visited a restaurant named Tony’s Di Napoli, which is near Times Square, … and family dining, which I thought, meant just family friendly.

Well I was incredibly wrong about that! We ordered some chicken parmigiana and some roast potato’s… can I just say the portion size was enough to feed a family for a week! But the food was amazing so make sure to visit this place if you do go to New York!

And if you are looking to chill out and need a bit of peace head to central park … this is like the haven of quietness in new york … away from all the buzzing sirens and people … you can just sit and chill! If you go in the evening you will be surprised by how many people are jogging! I mean quite literally there were so many joggers I thought the marathon was happening!

IMG_6092 IMG_6091 IMG_6090 IMG_6089

So if your wondering on where to go on your next trip and have never been to New York… this really is the place to be.

Thank you for reading

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