No7 Mens Protect & Perfect eye cream and serum


No7 Mens protect & perfect eye cream and serum

Firstly I would like to say sorry for the late uploads recently.

I have recently moved house and started a new job so I have been really busy. 

But don’t worry I have kept you all in mind and I have still been trying new products and preparing new articles. 

And today I would like to talk about the No7 men’s protect and perfect serum and eye cream. 

So as I mentioned before I have started a new job and I have to get up at 5.45am 6am every morning 5 days a week. 

And quite frankly i am not a morning person at all! But I have sort of got used to it now.

But I could really notice my eyes developing bags!!! I’ve never ever had bags in my life! And dark circles! Which I was really not happy about! 

So I thought I would try out the men’s No7 protect and perfect eye cream. 

And I must say I noticed a difference instantly! The dark circles around my eyes lightened almost straight away! Very impressed with this product! 

I have been using this eye cream now for around three weeks… And my eyes look so much better and much more refreshed.

Even if I forget to apply in the morning I can still go throughout the day without looking like I have two black eyes! Even though when I get home I apply almost instantly! 

The application of the cream is really easy and it spreads nicely under the eyes. 

And for the price of £15 you can’t really go wrong! 

eye cream

So whilst I was browsing through the shopping aisle and eyeing the eye cream I also noticed they have the protect and perfect serum! 

So I thought to myself as my skin also feels a bit rubbish from getting up early etc… “Why not treat yourself” … So I did… And I am really happy with my purchase!


I must say I have previously used serums from No7 and I have always been happy with them!

The serum applies really easily to the skin leaving it feeling fresh and young without looking oily, and very little seems to go a long way. 

I can really notice a difference using this serum and my skin looks a lot less rough shall we say!

It leaves a very smooth affect onto the skin which is incredibly refreshing! 

I feel much rejuvenated shall we say! 

Now after using this product again for about three weeks…. My skin feels younger and very refreshed…. Lifted and lighter… And my complexion also feels a lot brighter. 


And for the price of £22.95 you really cannot go wrong. 

So if you’re thinking of adding anything into your collection of products … These are definitely worth a go!

Please remember all my posts are personal reviews and 100% honest

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