Obagi Blue Radiance Peel

So many of you may know that not so long ago I had an Obagi blue radiance peel with Dr Giorgia Ratta based in South Ealing.

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Her clinic is rather quaint and cute! Offering a wide range of treatments from Botox to peels and microdermabrasion.

I was asked to have the peel at the bloggers event she held! Which I was very excited about.

Even though everyone was like omg! Your not going to have a face left after that haha!

Yes I was a little bit apprehensive but it paid of in the end, and to be honest with you it wasn’t that bad.

Dr Giorgia Ratta was very helpful talking to me about the whole process as to how it works and as to how it will feel when she applies the Obagi blue radiance peel, which was rather comforting being slightly nervous.

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So she applied the first application which yes did burn slightly and then the second, which did burn a bit more, it did help she was fanning my face down haha! Trust me it felt amazing with the fan on the face!

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But after a couple of minutes the sensation wears off.

She applied some SPF and creams which really did help soothe my face.

Don’t get me wrong yes for the first day my entire face felt like it was swollen and 3 times the size of my head haha! But after that it calmed down.

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There was no discomfort at all, and the whole experience was rather easy specially when you get the amazing after results.

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So after the peel 3 days in I did start peeling, the skin comes of in little clumps but if you apply your SPF and your moisturizer it really does help hide the little bits of broken skin.

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I applied my SPF religiously for about 3 weeks.

What I did really notice about having the peel was that I had a slight little bit of sun damage to my skin which was a little bit reddish it completely annihilated that all together and left an even skin tone.

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The pictures throughout the article are from day one to the last one being now.

My skin feels great and I would highly recommend it to everyone that has sun damage or even acne scars.

malegroomingguide.info after the obagi peel

You can book with Dr Giorgia Ratta here!

Just a P.S just remember if you do decide to have any treatments done like this you should always go to someone that is recommended and you have seen the after affects, and make sure you always get a consultation done beforehand.

Thank you for reading

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