XERYUS Rouge Givenchy

Aftershave can be a difficult topic… as everyone has a different taste in smells,but this is one of my all time favourite smells.

Its Givenchy XERYUS ROUGE.

If i had it my way i would smell of this all the time !

I cant get enough of this sexy red bottle, and the sweet essence inside.

It handsomely blends and with a couple of sprays, will last all day! ( not many fragrances these days last that long)

Classy and different, and will perform as you wish it to !



with a mixture of f bergamot, fougere and lemon, middle notes of amber, melon and orange and base notes of kumquat, pimento and cedar.

I cant get enough of this stuff !

My point score for this item is : 10

Unfortunately there is no direct link for this on the Givenchy website, but you can get this with amazon:



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