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Well you all know I love eye creams and serums ect! Well actually… I think I just love all skin care haha!

But eye serums and creams are something I am extremely particular about … and the reasoning for that is because I can really tell if they don’t work… rather quickly!
I think I actually suffer with a bit of OCD when it comes to eye serums and creams but that’s another story …. Anyway…

Today I would like to share with you my experience on the Rogue Lifting brightening eye serum and how amazing this little gem has become in such a short space of time.
I have only been trying this product for a week and I got to say I am really impressed!

So a little bit about RogueUK:
RogueUk is an exclusive British brand based in Yorkshire 100% British that includes all the raw ingredients and the packaging.
And have a wide variety of products on offer from moulding paste to face scrubs.
They prefer to make products smarter and effective instead of making the packaging look pretty, even though I actually quite like the packaging, I think it adds a masculine edge to it. 2

So the brightening eye serum ( with peptides)

This little gem is a must have! And I have got to say I am so happy to have had the experience of trying it out.
So with a little dab just run under the eyes… a little bit goes far!

And instantly awakened eyes… the first time I tried this product I was extremely shocked as to how much it actually lifted… and how quick it removed any signs of tiredness.
And brightening any darkness under the eyes.

I hate having eye bags or tired eyes, and I rarely suffer with this but recently my days at the office have become a bit longer and with that comes looking at the PC screen longer which helps create tired eyes and the formations of eye bags.
But with this little gem it literally eliminates any tiredness from appearing, and from any current tiredness showing leaving the skin feeling smooth and brightened and rather refreshed. 1
I have very tiny fine lines and you can’t really see them, probably because I’ve been applying eye creams and serums for years, but I must say when I looked in the mirror the skin around my eyes appeared younger.

And the eye serum also contains peptides, which is also good at diminishing lines and crow’s feet.
Basically peptides is a natural thing that occurs within the body.
Peptides can help boost or stabilize production in collagen and if you don’t know what collagen is, basically it’s what keeps you looking young and the skin looking firm.


so for smoother younger looking eyes guys, This product is a must have

you can see the product click here

Thank you for reading

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