Scaramouche & Fandango Sports wash

once again I get another amazing opportunity to try out one of the new Scaramouche and fandangos product.

And that is the Scaramouche and fandango sports wash!

This is such an amazing product and a definite must have for all the gym goers out there.

When I go to the gym it really does annoy me that I have to take all these different bottles like my face wash, shampoo and body wash.

I think there are a few people out there that do just use a body wash for all over, but unfortunately I can’t just do that!

And if you are like me, well I can now say that those days are now over!

Thanks to the Scaramouche and fandango sports wash!

scaramouche and fandango 1

Can I also just mention that you can also shave with this product how amazing!!

I have tried very similar products in the past and they just don’t make the cut! Leaving my hair feeling greasy, and overall not very clean.

But with this product, I am so intrigued that it actually does work!

So it’s scented with the Scaramouch and fandango signature fragrance which you all know I love, which I mentioned on my last article on Scaramouche and fandango products you can see that article here:

So with the hair I actually feel like I have washed my hair with shampoo and conditioned.

The face wash you know I’m extremely particular about the face washes, well it works it leaves my face feeling really clean and overall smooth.

And for shaving this works as well as the Scaramouch and fandango shaving cream, which is brilliant!

And the sports bag I just love! Giving you room to fit all your bits into and giving off a stylish image.

scaramouche and fandango 3

The sports wash you can buy for £9

Click here

And the stylish sports wash bag you can buy for £15

Click here

I would definitely buy this product again, its the only all in one product i have ever used that really does work.

So give it a go !

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