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Why would you not want great skin? We all do right, even those people that don’t like to admit they do moisturise, there is nothing wrong with keeping your skin looking great, and lets think about it, it is a long term investment right?

So I have been trying out three different products from the SK:N regime and I must say these products do really help you gain amazing skin!

Sk:n have developed a range of products utilising there knowledge of over 20 years, helping improve the look and feel of peoples skin.

They also offer in house treatments from hair removal to peels, you can check that out here

So I have been trying out three products from the sk:n regime and that is the Age delaying cream for younger skin, sk:n hand cream and the sk:n facial exfoliating cleanser. skin range

Lets start with the packaging, which I really love! Its clean and simplistic it screams use me!!! haha unless that’s just me, its attractive!

So the product I first started using was the hand cream, and I have always been very lazy with my hands and considering I used to do hairdressing I should really be extra cautious but unfortunately I am not.

But when it came down to using this hand cream by sk:n it was a delight to use and yes I did have to get myself into the habit of using a hand cream which was not to hard as the benefits of this hand cream are extreme! skin hand cream

So I have been using the hand cream religiously since I receive it and my hands feel so much softer and any tiny cracks or dry marks have now been eradicated, and they also have a tiny glow which makes the appearance of my hands look so much more softer.

Another good point about this hand cream is that a lot goes along way, so when applying don’t pile it on like your normal hand cream, otherwise you may have to wash them afterwards and we don’t wastage!

This is a definite must have and for £15.75 its really worth it for the benefits.

So the next product is the Age delaying cream for younger skin.

I was rather shocked when I saw this and not in a bad way, can you tell me why perhaps?

Okay the reason being is that most products that are for people of a younger age are not addressed as an anti ageing product, usually its just a moisturizer.

Obviously anti ageing products do have different ingredients compared to your normal moisturizer i.e. the Age delaying cream for younger skin has peptides which is a well known ingredient for anti ageing products.

But what you don’t see is brands making these kind of products for younger skin, and what sk:n have done is exactly that! Which I think is great I have been using peptides for a while on my skin, obviously I don’t overdo it with peptides but I think this is something that younger people do need to get into the habit of. age delay cream by skin

Especially if you want to keep your young looking skin this is a real benefit for you as you may have seen in my previous post about peptides here

And I am not boasting but I always get asked how comes I have such amazing skin, I am nearly 28 and I don’t have crease in my forehead. male beauty and fashion blogger

And no i don’t have any make up on in this picture haha ! its all very natural !

So the Age delaying cream for younger skin I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I am rather impressed especially how the product applies to the skin.

It’s a very rich cream but it sinks into the skin extremely easy without leaving greasy marks… and no one wants to look greasy.

It leaves the skin feeling so soft and adding a bit of a lift.

What you will notice with this cream is that its more of a long term treatment for the skin, and the more you use it the more difference you will notice, obviously with the peptides they help collagen rebuild and with more collagen in the skin the younger your skin will look.

The Age delaying cream for younger skin also contains Vitamin A, which is a retinoid this is essential for healthy skin and eyes and also helps create an even skin tone.

This is a definite must have for all you people out there! And for £33.75 yes its a lot more pricey then your normal moisturizer but what you need to think of is the long term benefits and this is more of a treatment.

So the last product I tried was the sk:n facial exfoliating cleanser, this is a bit different to your normal exfoliator instead of containing sugar or hard bits shall we say to peel the dead skin off, this actually uses more glycolic acid and glycerin to remove the dead skin cells.

The benefits of glycolic acid and glycerin is that is helps the skin peel easier, but also leaves the skin rejuvenated and feeling a lot softer. skin face wash

I must say after using this the first I’m hooked, my skin feels great and extra smooth and what I have noticed is that it’s really helped reduce any pores that I had and

Leaving the skin feeling ultra clean.

And for the price of £26.00 its rather cheap for what its worth.

Overall I would highly recommend sk:n in my books  just from trying the 3 products I am in love with the range that they have to offer.

I would suggest anyone with any skin issues you should definitely contact the clinic directly and I am sure they would be able to help you.

And if you are bored of using the same products day in and day out Sk:n would definitely be able to offer you something different with such a large and varied range on offer there is something for everyone.


Check them out here:

And thank you for reading

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