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Not many people understand the importance of using a good SPF especially on the face when the skin is mainly on show all the time.

The amount of times I’ve told my friends when we have been away! MAKE SURE YOU APPLY YOUR SUN SCREEN!

I am religiously addicted to my sunscreens when I go away and can spend up to £40 on them beforehand and the reason is because I’ve had a very bad experience!

So let me share a little story with you … and god I don’t like the images! But you need to see the burns to believe it for yourself haha!

burn 2

(it was pink night okay lol! but look at the knees and how red my face is)

So many years ago I went on a holiday with a group of my friends to the glorious Gran Canaria Island and this was a holiday well needed, as I hadn’t been away properly for over 10 years! I know right I cant even do 2 months now without getting the holiday bug!

And lets just say I thought to myself “ hey I’ve never ever burnt at home in the UK and it does get rather hot during the summer” which is true I think my skin reflects the rays in the UK HAHA !

So because of this I thought I was being clever buy not purchasing any sunscreens I thought lets save the money for some drinks! (Which by the way if you haven’t been to Gran Canaria there’s not much to do apart from drink and sunbathe).

So on the first day me and my group of friends decided to go to the pool, which yes was outside, and yes it was warm and NO I was not wearing any sunscreen in any form!

I was at the pool for literally half an hour … and I thought hey see I am alright I am not burnt I’m doing fine and I feel okay…

burn 1

( btw the guy in the middle is not wearing make up lol thats sunburn! you can just see the top of my legs and how burnt i am on my arms and face)

Then comes the next day … god it was painful! I had burnt so badly on my knees I couldn’t walk properly! I applied after sun and kept applying until all you could see was cream!
By the 2nd day I was not able to go out because my knees had burnt so badly I couldn’t really move … and I had other burns appearing all over my body … but in the evening I braced it and went out … but let me tell you it was the most painful thing in the world haha!

The rest of my holiday was ruined by sunburn … the skin was peeling constantly and it didn’t look good so I didn’t really fancy showing of my burnt chicken legs.

And since then I have been religiously applying sunscreen and this comes down to my knees also I always make sure I’ve applied on them.

So if you have been working all winter to get that summer beach body make sure that the sun does not ruin your holiday!

Make sure you are always careful and that you applying the correct SPF! And if you go into the water make sure its water resistant or you just re -apply afterwards.


Some tips:

• If you don’t know what SPF on your bottle stands for it means sun protection factor SPF ratings start at 2 and can reach as high as 70. They measure a sunscreen’s effect against UVB rays and the amount of time you can be in the sun before burning.so for example, you burn after ten minutes of sun exposure without any cream, an SPF of 15 will allow you to stay in the sun for up to 150 minutes without burning. So, the higher the SPF number, the more sunburn protection the cream provides.
• Did you know that skin damage from sunlight builds up with constant exposure and it don’t matter if you burn or not.
• Use a sun screen all year round …. Yes all year round! … no matter if its winter or summer the UV rays can still damage your skin in the winter as much as it can in the summer, The damaging rays are also multiplied by the reflection of the snow!

www.malegroomingguide.info fit skin care

Sunscreen is a pivotal product to be using all year round as mentioned beforehand especially on the face as this tends to be the most exposed all year round.

I would recommend the new product from FIT men’s skincare range…. They have recently launched an SPF 50 serum, which you all know I love the FIT for men skincare range since I tried out their first product.

This serum is great for every day use and you don’t need to keep re applying when generally using it…. It doesn’t feel greasy and it doesn’t leave the white marks you tend to get sometimes with other SPF’S.

www.malegrooominguide.info fit skin care

It also helps moisturise the skin so a big added bonus their.

Make sure to check out there range available here: https://www.fitskincare.co.uk/collections/face

Thank you for reading

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