Summer Day’s

Now I know most people are thinking surely if its summer you should be wearing shorts right… well yeah I suppose we can do shorts…. But for some reason I have never been a big fan of shorts.
The only time I wear shorts really is when I am on holiday and I know I want to gain some sort of tan … usually red or if I’m lucky I got a tiny bit bronzy.

So when it comes to summer I’m usually much more with contrast and by this I mean white and lighter colours … they also help you stay cool.

I also love adding a bit of colour i.e. accessories with the bag or another bit of colour which is on the top.

The bag I purchased whilst on my honeymoon in Florida, the bag is from Coach and I have always been a big fan of Coach Bags!

The white chinos are from Zara… again I have always been a big lover of the collections from Zara especially the chinos collection.

The Chinos maybe a basic to have but they are so easily added into most outfits from quirky to something sophisticated and that is what I really love about chinos, you can almost blend them into any outfit.

The top is from Abercrombie & Fitch they offer a really nice collection of summer t-shirts.

Finishing the look with some white converse “just to add to whole white look”, and the sunglasses are from River Island.

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Coach Bags


Abercrombie & Fitch

River Island


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