The Art Of Essenze

This incredibly niche brand retailed at exclusively hand picked locations offers an extraordinary insight into the designers world of fragrance. Raw ingredients converted into a magnificent collection of 8 master signature fragrance creations. Make no mistake, these are a far cry from your everyday spray and go fragrances.

Italian Bergamot

Sciliaian Mandarin

Florentine Iris

Javanese Patchouli

Indonesian Oud

Haitian Vetiver

Peruvian Ambrette

Mediterranean Neroli

The very First fragrance they introduced is the Italian Bergamot. For Zegna this is their key ingredient in everyone of the fragrances, embedded and threaded throughout, making it a core note giving it a long lasting and delicate citrus twist. Id definitely recommend this as a starting point.

Presentation for the master fragrances is a large square box, and it does feel and look very masculine. On the front we have the Zenga emblem, and the texture of the box is embossed fabric, something the Zegna House are masters of. Opening the box, Your greeted with a personalised card, sharing the journey of the fragrance.

When I first tried the range, some of the fragrances really stood out more than the others. One fragrance that stand out is Haitian Vetiver. I didn’t think it was quite something I’d use. Vetiver is a traditionally smokey earthy fragrance was perhaps a little over powering for myself, but what the guys at Zegna have actually done is something quite amazing and smart.

Custom build your fragrance!

Great thing about this range is that by using and sticking to natural base notes, it gives brilliant scope to build your own power fragrance. Layering Haitian Vetiver with Florentine Iris created a really warm comforting traditional aroma, something I know my dad would love, but still having that edge that I would use for a meeting with top executives, helping that moment I want to command attention.

A further combination is tried is Indonesian Oud laid with Florentine Iris. For myself, this was the one that really screamed my personality. I’ve always wanted a fragrance where people stop me in the street and say ‘what’s that fragrance?’.


Sadly for my credit card I did buy into this combination. For 125ml priced at £145, I felt it was pretty reasonable. Thankfully they have recently introduced travel sizes, priced at £95 for 75ml which is brilliant if you wanted to do a little of your own custom blend.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Liam x

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