The Benefits of Exfoliating your skin

So…. Summer is nearly here thank Christ! Even though I have been in the sun for a couple of hours today … And well I am rather red! summer nights

But anyways I wanted to talk to you today about exfoliating the skin.

And there are many benefits of exfoliating your skin but just make sure you don’t overdo it.

I can overdo it sometimes… I am a bit OCD like that.

But I try and exfoliate in the shower once a week if I am feeling happy I do it twice!

So some benefits of Exfoliation 

1) It improves the texture of the skin. I.e. say if you suffer with some dry patches on the skin it will help eliminate these patches you have.

2) It also helps with skin breakouts, so say if you are someone that suffers with a lot of clogged pours or whiteheads this is a really good way of eliminating them.

Also if you suffer with a lot of acne this can help you create a more even skin tone by helping remove the dead skin cells. the male grooming guide a male beauty blogger

Yes that is me with an exfoliation mask on

3) Once you have removed the dead skin from your face and body, this helps the skin look a lot brighter and rejuvenated it also feels so much smoother.

Adding to that it also helps the big fight against the ageing process, as it helps speed up the skin renewal process which reduces the appearance in lines.

4) if you are going on holiday or you’re going to be sunbathing make sure you exfoliate beforehand this will help you produce a healthier looking tan, and it also makes the tan appear a lot quicker.

5) After exfoliating the skin make sure you let your skin dry and then apply your products straight after as this helps the products penetrate the skin quicker and better.

If you are new to exfoliating make sure when you are exfoliating the face you use something light and do not apply to much pressure onto the product as it may end up a bit sore afterwards.

Just apply a normal amount onto the face and then gently rub all over the face without putting it in your eyes.

When it comes to exfoliating the body you can buy body exfoliators but sometimes they can be rather rough and rather hard to evenly spread over the body. body scrub cloths

Or you can try the A bit of rough Japanese style exfoliating style wash cloth.

I have been trying this product out for the past couple of weeks and I must say it’s amazing.

You can easily apply your favourite body wash onto the cloth and scrub… And it literally does what it says on the tin.

And what I really like about this cloth is that it’s actually long enough for you to be able to exfoliate your back yourself! How amazing is that! body scrub cloth 1

It’s a definite must have! For £12 it’s a bargain

You can get yourself one here:

And yes it’s suitable for men and women

Thank you for reading

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