The Fragrance Box

We all Love fragrances right? And we all want our own signature kind of smell!

The smell where someone goes to you “oh what fragrance are you wearing it smells delicious” and your like “well it’s from someone you have probably never heard of, but this is who it is”

We all want a fragrance that someone wants, but only we have it Haha! Or is that just me?

Okay well today I want to talk you about The fragrance box. top celeb blogger

The fragrance box is a new monthly subscription service of different and unique perfumes and aftershaves!

I am never someone to go for the monthly subscriptions… and I don’t usually do them and my personal opinion for this is that it’s just a waste of money!

But the Fragrance box is definitely something I would invest in myself… this is a monthly subscription I would sign up to … and do you know why?? Because it’s something completely different every month… and not the same stuff you receive every single month… time and time again!

So basically if you want to subscribe monthly its £10, I received 7 fragrances in my box! Don’t get me wrong they are not a full bottle of aftershave/perfume. fragrances

But if you don’t like the fragrance you are going to be pretty happy about that right.

I must say what I do really love about this service is that it’s all niched, you find a new love for a smell you have never heard of before, you receive a fragrance you wouldn’t have seen in the usual department stores…. this is something completely different!

So if you are a massive fan of fragrances and finding a great new smell this is the place to go!

So in my cute little packet I received:

2 Pell well one which is the viva verde fragrance and the other being gin and lime…. Both gorgeous smells! And both unique! Especially the viva Verde it smells a bit spicy! male blogger for men and women perfume

I got 4 jean- Charles Brosseau, 3 Collection Homme and 1 Ombre rose, and again both of these are stunning smells especially the Ombre rose! And you can definitely smell the main note being rose! frgrances the fragrance box

And the last one being Eau Superbe by Rance 1795 which again is a really nice smell, this is one of those fragrances that last all day so no need to apply again and again! male beauty blogger London blogger

That was all the fragrances I received and for the monthly price of £10 I would be rather happy to receive these again!

You can also do packages which would work out a lot cheaper if you feel like you’re going to be doing this for some time.

So make sure to check out the fragrance box!

Thank you for reading.

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