The Gillette Flexball Razor

So on the 29th January something very exciting happened! And that was my visit to the Gillette research and development centre, and the introduction of the new Gillette fusion pro-glide with flexball motion.

I got an amazing opportunity to go and visit the people that put all the effort into making the amazing Gillette razors that are currently on the market at the moment.

But Shaving has now been reinvented with the new Gillette flexball motion.

This research and development centre has led the fundamental research for leading razors such as the GII/Trac11, contour/altra, sensor and sensor excel, MACH3, Venus, fusion, and the fusion proglide and now the flexball motion! Amazing!

Whilst on the visit I got to meet some amazing people that work in the Gillette world this includes the Principal scientist Dr Kristina vanoosthuyze.

So I want to share my top ten most interesting facts that I learned on my visit

Gillette have spent 2 billion on research and development, that’s actually more than L’Oreal.

Gillette actually receive consumer feedback every day! How? Well they actually have around 80 men visit the research and development centre every day, to try out new ideas, and to research different men’s shaving techniques, as every man shaves differently.


Gillette can have an idea one day, have it made that day and have it tested the same week!

Gillette have currently got ten years of innovation and technology as to how shaving will be in future! How exciting!

Shave test facility-1

Globally they have every type of scientist you could imagine, 8000 of them! They even had a rocket scientist at one point!

They even design and make their own machines to make there razors, so you could say, they design their machines for the machines!

The fusion Proglide’s blades edges are thinner than a surgeon’s scalpel.

The technology to make fusion and the fusion Proglide’s blades is highly complex and only two Gillette factories in the world can make them.

In order for the blades to be strong enough at these ultra-fine dimensions, every fusion, fusion proglide blade is coated with four nano-engineered layers. One of these coatings is a synthetic diamond coating similar to what is used on computer hard drives.

Every single cartridge produced is checked up to ten critical quality parameters before it leaves the factory to make sure this meets 100% quality.

And there are so many more facts that I would love to share with you all, but there is so many!

So whilst on the visit I did learn a few shaving techniques, some of them small but it’s always handy.

Blade inspection

So just to share these tips:

So an obvious one, always shave with the grain and then shave against the grain.

The reason Gillette have the battery power on their razors is because this helps to reduce drag and friction, which creates a more comfortable shave, but obviously this depends on the person.

When you finish shaving, never ever! Bang your blade on the side to try and clear it out, this actually damages the blade which can ultimately cut you, each blade is designed to be cleaned easy, if you run your blade under some hot water when you have finished this will help clean the blade.

Don’t apply so much pressure, you would be surprised that some men when shaving can actually apply up to 2kg of pressure onto their razor.

It’s always handy to have some tips!

So with 2015 now hear it brings a new exciting introduction and that’s the amazing Gillette fusion proglide with flexball motion.

Why should you be excited? Well the reason is the Gillette fusion with flexball technology responds to the contours of a man’s face for maximum contact.

It literally gets every hair!

The fusion proglide flexball has been designed to make incredible contact of the curve of the face which is usually the most missed parts when shaving, under the chin, jaw line and the jaw bone corner.

This helps to create Long and efficient strokes with extra smooth results!

This is Gillette’s most advanced blade coming! And by introducing a second pivot, perpendicular to the rotation of the first pivot, Gillette has reinvented how the cartridge moves and have given it 3D motion to respond to every single contour on the face!

I have been trying out this product and I must say I have never ever found shaving made so easy for me!

It cuts hairs from areas that I know that I usually miss! Which is great, and it makes my life so much easy.

There’s nothing more unattractive then a random stray patch of hair on your face after shaving! So this makes my life so much easier!

And it leaves my skin feeling ultra-smooth and hair free! Finally!

This razor is what I have been waiting for! Something that just makes it easy and thanks to the Gillette proglide with flexball technology this has now happened!

The Fusion Proglide with flexball motion is being released on the 17th February 2015, so I suggest if you want an easier life… this is a must have !!!

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