The most perfect shaving experience with Pall Mall barbers

So when it comes to shaving I tend to have a massive variety of products … I like to change a lot.

I now must have tried near on every razor and every shaving cream there is available on the high street these days and every so often I do gain the perfect shave.

And when I say the perfect shave I mean no redness and no irritation.

I am extremely sensitive on my neck when it comes to shaving so I tend to suffer a lot if the product is not so good…. And tend to look like I have been strangled badly…. And I don’t really like going for that look.

So I got asked to try out the Pall Mall barbers shaving products and go into the barbers and have a full on shaving experience.

I am not going to lie I have never had a clean shave in a barbers and thinking about it, it never really appealed to me because the thought of having a clean SHARP razor on my face kind of freaked me out.

I have tried using a cut throat razor on myself once and let’s just say … It didn’t go so well.

But I thought well you know what it’s an experience and these people are professionals.

So I had been booked in with Alex at the Trafalgar Square branch in London to have a luxury shave.

The barbers it’s self is very traditional with some edgy style to it. Pall mall barbers shave 6

So I met Alex which he is such an amazing and friendly guy and I tell you what … The shave he can do is perfect! Pall mall barbers shave 3

I actually felt like I was being pampered and the shave came out perfect with no redness.

Alex gave me a small consultation beforehand asking me about my shaving routine and how the luxury shaves works Pall mall barbers shave 7

But it was truly an experience I want to try out again.

The shave lasted 4 days in total which is a bit longer than my normal shave.

My skin did not one bit feel irritated. Pall mall barbers shave 2

But what completely amazed me is that I didn’t have one cut, not one bit of redness and whilst he was doing the shave I did not feel any pulling at all.

So guys if you haven’t had a clean shave beforehand I really do suggest this place to you.

All the staff are extremely friendly and very professional they know what they are talking about when it comes down to a perfect shave. Pall mall barbers shave 1

Adding to that is the gorgeous collection of products that Pall Mall barbers can offer you.

The products smell is masculine but sweet … And I really love the smell of these products.

They are blended with sandalwood and clove. Pall mall barbers shave 10

But they all have a various mixture of ingredients from jojoba oil, prickly pear seed oil and cocoa butter.

What is very different about this shaving routine is that they actually have a pre shave wash.

You don’t see that every day but just a tip for you guys, if you do wish to aim for the best shave it is best to wash the stubble/ hair beforehand.

This reasoning for this is because it actually helps soften the hair which makes the shave a lot easier.

The actual Pall Mall barbers pre-shave scrub is so nice having that gorgeous scent and you’re actually scrubbing the hairs clean.

With that you apply a nice amount of shave cream on, which evenly applies over the face.

You can do this with a brush or by hand and again it has that gorgeous smell to it. Pall mall barbers shave 8

The shaving cream by Pall Mall barbers is near on as amazing as the actual clean shave in the barbers itself… Just that you have to do it yourself.

When shaving with the cream I had no pulling and no problems what so ever.

And then when you have done the shave apply the post shave balm roughly about two squirts.

What I must say I really liked with the post balm is that it actually sunk into the skin nicely without any oily residue which you do find with a lot of post shave products these days.

I had no stinging sensation what so ever when applying the post shave and following the regime has been a big pleasure the past couple of weeks.

As I’ve not had any redness on my neck at all which sometimes it can really bother me. Pall mall barbers shave 9

So this regime and products have actually helped me quite a lot.

You can see their website here

I couldn’t recommend these products and the barbers it’s self-higher in my books.

I will continue using my products and following the shaving regime and I may even book myself in for the odd treat of having a shave haha !

Thank you for reading

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