The Tote Bag Obsession

When I am leaving my flat usually early morning going to work, I don’t leave without a bag and that is religious.

And for now my obsession is the tote bag.

And no I am not heading to the park for a picnic or heading off to the beach, I am heading into the office with usually my work equipment, laptop, pads ect.

I own now rather a lot of bags, these have equated over the past couple of months and the obsession seems to be getting worse.

But I have always had a massive obsession for bags.

But what I really love about the tote bag is that you can literally throw anything in there and it all fits nicely.

But yes Tote bags do have a feminine touch to them, but yes they were designed for men.

So next time you’re out and about doing your business and you see that amazing tote bag! Go and get it!

So I thought I would show you my favourite tote bags that are available now asos tote bag ralph lauren tote bag zara riess tote zara suede leather tote zara tote bag

1st bag is from i paid a mere £17 for this bag

2nd bag is from Ralph Lauren for £255 but on sale now for £127

3rd bag is from Reiss for £95

4th bag is from Zara for £109 ( Dont you just love the electric blue)

5th bag is from Zara again for £39.99

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  • Nice article and agreed that men should use Totes more as suitable to carry everything whilst looking dapper…….VS

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