Top 5 fragrances for father’s Day

Top 5 fragrances for father’s Day

Well I am sure you are all aware that fathers day is approaching, you can usually tell when you walk into your local supermarket and see all the cards and the presents all laid out neatly for you to choose your selected item.

One thing that I always find really hard is actually choosing a present and with so much to choose from it can become rather complicated…. Unless dad has told you what he wants.

And I am pretty sure dad is a bit bored of the ties, socks and little bits and pieces that tends to be the “stereotypical” present.


You could say that perhaps fragrances fall into that category… but think again, with so many options of different fragrances with some great smells… at least you know this present will be used and usually last a little while… lets just hope when spraying your dad is not as generous as myself.

So below is a list of my top 5 fragrances that I am sure dad would love to have!

Tom ford noir, my all time favourite! And I have finally got my hands on some! This fragrance is great because its long lasting and the smell is just perfect! Not to heavy but not to light, this is great as an evening fragrance and if lightly spritzed you can get away with it for the day! Every man should have this fragrance in there collection! You can purchase the Noir from House of Fraser for £64 for 50ml for the Parfum.

edited tom ford


Davidoff horizon, Davidoff’s newest fragrance for men and one fragrance I just love spraying, its not like your classic musky Coolwater, this has a handsome smell to it, but nothing heavy! You can purchase this from John Lewis for £58.50 for 125ml.

davidoff edited

Abercrombie and Fitch First Instinct, one of my new fragrances added to the collection, great as a day fragrance with some musk, but also a hint of sweet in their, Dad would love this if he loves a bit of musk in his scents, you can purchase this from the perfume shop for £57 for 100ml again another bargain.

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Versace Eros, This is currently one of my favourites as its long lasting and the smell is definitely eye catching, dad will love it!

You can purchase this fragrance at john Lewis for £47.50 for 100ml, which is a bargain!

versage eros

HERMES Terre D’ Hermes -I have always had a love for this fragrance since I smelt it on my best friend, which was a mistake for him as I cleared out his bottle… (sorry rick) this is a perfect sent for anyone that is looking to add some class into the fragrance collection! I would be happy if someone purchased this for me.

HERMES Terre D’ Hermes

For prices have a look around, they really can vary depending which size you get but at House of Fraser you can buy this fragrance for £84 for the 70ml Parfum.

Have a great fathers day!

And thank you for reading!

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