Way to much hate in the world…

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So after the tragic event that happened on early Sunday morning … and we all know what I’m talking about, the shootings in Florida leaving 49 people dead and 53 people injured by a disgusting man named Omar Mateen.

Since this I have been reading so many articles and one in particular caught my eye.
So yesterday I was reading through an article on Facebook which was published by harpers bazaar and it was about *love always wins* and I am absolutely disgusted at the inhumane comments that people have left on the comments tab…. And don’t get me wrong, this to some people in parts of the world is an everyday thing…. Nasty homophobic comments being made to them all the time.

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But after such a tragic event how can people have no remorse to those poor people that have been hurt or even killed.
I don’t understand how some people can judge something without fully knowing about it.

Being gay is not just about sex * which is what most immediately think of* and that is me being honest ….. But it’s about being attracted to the same sex …. It’s about loving the same sex…. It’s about building a healthy relationship with the same sex!

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It’s just how we all are …. Everyone is different in their owns ways … and this is the same with gay people * did you not know this?*

Gay people can now get married in different parts of the world! We are allowed to be together in different parts of the world… we are allowed to be us! Finally we are allowed to be who we want! And why would such nasty people want to put a downer on such a beautiful thing named freedom?

Because we are different to you? Because you just don’t like us? Perhaps you’re in the closet and struggling to accept yourself? Perhaps you know no different…. Perhaps you don’t know society as it is today!

I feel so hurt to see such nasty comments left on this article it has actually made me angry! How dare you think you have the right to judge someone because of their sexuality…. What right do you have to do this? Think about it …. What right do you really have to judge someone? Did god tell you to judge? I might not be religious but I know that god does not judge!
With this day and age people need to get their heads out of the bloody Stoneman ages and start realising the world changes… people are now accepted for whom they are! And everyone deserves rights! Everyone deserves there say in the world.

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People need to start loving each other a bit more instead of hating each other… judging each other because someone is different to yourself!
As I was taught when I was little *If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all* not that I was a brat when I was little… but I was slightly Gobby haha this is what happens when you’re the first grandchild on both sides.

My point is why do people go out of their way to look for something to hate? Why go out of your way to hurt people * Like those poor people in Florida* that did not deserve this! Why hurt people because they are different …. Because you know no better ….

There is no excuse for this! There are no excuses for people hurting each other….. God is not an excuse… and you are to be excused… this is something in today’s society that really does need looking upon.

People ask why there is such a thing as pride …. ? Tell me why do you think? Pride exists because people having being fighting for gays rights for years it’s not always been this easy * in the western part of the world*

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It’s because of these kind of events *the Florida shootings* that pride still exists till this day…

We aren’t asking for your judgements… we are asking to be left to live our normal life’s! We are not asking to be hurt and we definitely aren’t asking for such nasty comments.

We are asking for acceptance, we are human and we deserve to be accepted.

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Thank you

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