Why use a Night Cream

Okay.. so I know this is a little bit pushy haha… and I am sure that night creams are the last thing that are on your agenda before getting into bed.

But there are a lot of beneficial reasons as to why you need to start making a night cream your agenda.
And I am sure after all my previous articles you have probably just got round to the eye serum.

But make sure that a night cream is put at the top of your list from now onwards.

Reasons being are that night creams tend to have a lot more benefits to them for anti ageing and moisture compared to your normal daily cream.

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Your Skin tends to absorb more moisture and essential nutrients when you are asleep.
The majority of night creams have a richer amount of ingredients, which is great for anti ageing purposes and means that’s your daily cream does not have to do all the work.

Your skin’s cell renewal is more active during the night, and night creams are designed to make the most of those hours.

Using a night cream gives your skin the chance to repair the daily wear and tear caused by pollution and UVlight.

This is done in several ways – from stimulating growth and circulation, to helping regenerate cells, while removing oxidant wastes from the cells and tissue, plus preventing skin and tissue degradation.

Common ingredients in night creams are:


Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin A
Jojoba oil
Aloe Vera
Olive oil
Apricot oil
Shea butter
rose oil
anti-aging components
Amino acids

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7 reasons why you should be using your night cream:

It helps boost collagen production
It smooths and calms the skin
It can help blood circulation
Helps prevent sagging of the skin
It stimulates cell renewal
Helps make aged skin appear firmer
Promotes an even skin tone.

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So make sure you go out and get yourself a glorious night cream and treat yourself this evening

thank you for reading.

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