WILDE & HARTE – The Apsley

Do you shave with class? Style? And something unique?

If you do then you know what I am talking about right?

If you don’t, well I can tell you how …….

So the past week I’ve had an amazing opportunity to try out The Apsley by Wilde & Harte.

And…WOW! Words are hard to describe how amazing this product is.

This is the most perfect tool for every gentleman.

From the design to the final finish every single ounce of this product has had a tonne of love placed into this.

And you can really see and tell so much effort has gone into this razor.

And I can honestly say I have never ever seen a razor look so attractive….. as you can tell by the pictures …. This is not your ordinary razor.

wilde and harte razor 3

“This is your first class style luxury razor”

It’s like shaving with a beautifully created piece of art that has a blade attached to it.

And let’s not forget the performance of the product … well let’s just say, it’s just as perfect as the product itself.

From the moment I saw this product, it was love!! Haha

And I can truly say this product is one in a million!

Wilde and harte razor 2

So lets talk a bit about Wilde & Harte.

Firstly I just want to say how friendly the Wilde & Harte team have been and thank you for creating such an amazing product!

So Wilde & Harte are represented in London but their luxury razors are manufactured in Sheffield which is the heart of the stainless steel industry and also hand finished in Sheffield.

And then obviously sent down to London.

Wilde & Harte currently feature three British designed Luxury Razor Collections – The Eltham, The Apsley and The Osterley. Each Collection inspired by the architecture, styles and the splendour of iconic London Houses and Palaces, and I had the amazing opportunity of trying out The Apsley.

No other razor handle design in the grooming market is similar in aesthetic styling.

Each handle is made out of premium grade stainless steel.

The reasons for stainless steel is because it keeps the amazing polish, and it does not rust, so it’s definitely water friendly.

And they have also just finished working on their travel razors, which also look amazing, so you can even carry around this piece of art.

 wilde and harte razor 4

So let’s talk about The Apsley itself.

I would have never thought that having a heavier handle would help me create an amazing shave.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not heavy like holding a weight! But it’s heavier than your normal razor, buts it’s very comfortable to hold.

But it gives you the smoothest shave! No cutting, just gliding.

It really does feel like you’re being pampered, and I can’t get enough.

If you are like me, shaving is not something I enjoy I just do it and it’s done, well then you need to get yourself one of these because shaving is now something fun in my life!

I find when shaving with the Apsley it has a lot more grip to the skin than any other razor, but a very comfortable grip.

This Razor is really what the shaving industry needed, something not plastic and something that makes it all enjoyable.

And Wilde and Harte have definitely achieved this.

Now something I want to talk to you about before I share their link with you is the price.

Now yes they are a bit more expensive than your average razor, but let’s look at it like this.

The lifespan of a Wilde & Harte razor is going to be a lot longer than your average razor.

If you weigh up how many razors you go through it’s probably cheaper to have one of these amazing razors.

Wilde & Harte Box

And its also great as a gift, and yes you do get the really handsome box with every razor !!!!

you can see The Wilde & website here

I could not recommend this product higher !

Wilde & Harte logo

And i have crowned this my star product of 2015 ! 

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