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Hello everyone, so this is my first article on fashion, I have been thinking about it for some time, so I thought to myself why not!?

I know I have been away for some time, things have been very busy in my world, and now I have a proper schedule I can now return.

It’s good to have a break sometimes.

So my winter wardrobe, it is yes a fashion article, a bit different from my normal grooming articles, but I like fashion so I am going to be writing about fashion also now.

I think my little trip to Milan has also pushed me to do this!

The winter wardrobe collection is my favourite bits and pieces you can pick up on the high street.

So as we are now officially in winter! I can feel this cold! We have all been advised that this winter is going to be very very cold! Like serious cold… you have to have the essentials! And one of my favourites is a Parka jacket.

I Love a winter coat, but some of them just make you look like a puffed out ball, and I can’t stand that, I still love a good bit of shape on a jacket.

As I have been rumbling through the shops trying to find a nice jacket I stumbled across Zara, they have an amazing collection of jackets this year and amazing parka coats.

I got myself a beautiful jacket that I had my eyes on in Zara Milan and they had it here in London, and I just had to get it.

It cost me £99.99 which I would call a bargain! Yes it is slightly puffy but it still has shape.

The quality of the faux fur is perfect and on the inside of the hood you have a really soft touch of some velvet feeling faux fur, which feels like a soft cushion.

The overall quality of the jacket is perfect and I am very happy with my purchase.

This jacket is Warm warm warm!!!!

Zara Jacket
Zara Jacket



I must say with this jacket I don’t even need a scarf anymore as I’m all padded in, but I still like to add those extra touches.

I did also get a scarf, with my scarfs I like them rather chunky and with the knitted affect! They keep me warm and I think they give of the image that I like.

So I purchased this scarf amazing value for money and it really does go well with the jacket.

For £25.99 I would again say this is a bargain! The quality of the material that has been used on this is great! A definite must have!



And to finish it off, I have recycled some leather gloves that I’ve had for a while, well there more half leather and half suede, I love this gloves and I think they go well with most attires.

I’ve had them for years! I did purchase them from Selfridges a couple of years back and I paid £100 for them.

But I think it’s worth it.

My favourite gloves!!!

My favourite gloves

And look what you get in Milan every time you buy a diet coke !

moschino can

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